in market – what's behind it?

in market is a full service agency for qualitative market research and innovation processes, based in Hamburg.

We take our clients on a voyage of discovery, interviewing chosen individuals about their attitudes, habits and wishes, observing their reactions and exploring the motives behind their behaviour.

We create settings in which respondents can openly express their opinions and feelings.

We then analyse in depth what we see, hear and 'read between the lines', before finally summarising the essence of our learnings. Our ability to derive concrete marketing recommendations from these insights is one of our main strengths.

"What's behind it?" is the question that drives us all:


What lies behind the things we see and hear? What are consumers‘ motivations? Their wishes? Their concerns? These are the questions we explore, based on a clearly defined set of research objectives.

Why not call and come with us on a voyage of discovery?

in market
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