Who's behind in market?

Ina Machnik
Managing Director
Jenny Hertz
Research Management
Urte Tetzlaff
Research Management

The core team ...

This is where the whole thing comes together - general, research and project management. We liaise with you on research design and put together the ideal team for your project. Then we set the ball rolling, always keeping a close eye on the direction our voyage of discovery is taking.

... and a dedicated lineup of consultants

Your project team is drawn from a pool of consultants with whom we have been working successfully for many years. The extra support they provide is based on a wealth of experience in all sorts of industries, methods and targets as well as many different countries and cultures.

All your team members have a firm psychological background for high-quality moderation and analysis, plus extensive business knowledge to back their workable, marketing-relevant recommendations.

We can gladly send you details of your project team with the appropriate references.

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